ACU 1000 Communications Gateway

JPS Communications’ signature product, the ACU-1000, provides interoperability between multiple radio systems operating on different frequencies. The ACU-1000 can interconnect up to 24 devices and provides the foundation to solve your organization’s interoperability needs.

The primary function of the ACU-1000 is to provide interconnections between disparate communications systems in support of an agency or organization’s interoperability needs. The ACU-1000 can simultaneously cross-connect different radio networks, connect radio networks to telephone systems (or SATCOM systems) or network RoIP/VoIP talkpaths. The ACU-1000 is completely scalable and field configurable to meet the customer and application’s needs. It provides three different methods of operation for system redundancy and is neither computer nor network dependant for its operation.

From the ACU1000 system description